On Marvel’s new movie, Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange, a highly anticipated movie to Marvel fans across the world premieres in cinema last week. I had the opportunity to watch it with some of my friends at a local cinema. To put it short, the overall movie left me speechless in two ways, both good and bad. One strand arrived from the whole cinematic experience, you cannot deny the movie was unpredictably mind-blowing, with all the psychedelic-ish visuals, the randomness, the cleverly infused humours and the impeccable actings.. it is an extraordinary movie.

The other less desirable strand however, and this is just my additional thoughts on why it left me with a feeling of uneasiness is because it somehow gave me the impression that people who follows logic and reason portrayed by the neurosurgeon, Dr. Strange is deemed as arrogance or an act of ego, that evidence-based science / modern technological advances are not the answer to everything (although there’s no claim that it is to begin with). While this is true in the case of the film because it is merely a film, right? But after watching it, I became worried of those who can’t be rational enough to differentiate between reality and an artificially-made film.

I do agree his know-it-all attitude is very annoying and he deserved that wake up call, but what no one seemed to be able to capture is his skeptical attitude at the beginning, his persistence to question things that seemed to be unacceptable and oppressed. I just think those who glorifies this film as a touch of realism carries the same mindset as those who claim that vaccines cause autism. The film did gave people a sense of contemplation on current ideologies/doctrines of the world, but more biased towards one side of the spectrum of course. I think the reason why people can be drawn so much into this motion picture is probably because it comes in favour of their thinking which stemmed from their beliefs, with the help of world-class convincing actors and a great script. Strangely, (no, not a pun) Dr.Strange is the one who ended up saving the world despite his unfavourable characteristics as mocked by the master earlier on.

But my question is, what happens if the film portrayed the characters the other way round and the opposite is true?*  Will people react differently and perhaps feel offended even?  What sort of discussion will it stir up?

*Considering the jaw-dropping visuals remain the same.

Slightly controversial but just a thought to put out there.
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