Hello.. Thank you for stumbling upon my very first site.

I’m Sharon, just turned 19 on November 11 2015. Yes, that makes me a Scorpio in case you’re into astrology and all that. I am somewhat an introverted person, I enjoy discovering things on my own. However, I do love people, especially listening to them sharing their inspiring life-stories. I believe that this time around, its imperative that I take the time to explore and discover more about myself, the curiosities of this life in general. I want to die with memories, not with dreams that I wish I have done earlier. That would be too late.

I want to start this blog because I thought it would be great to document some of the experiences/inspirations that I wish to share but never get to if I only have a brief moment of interaction with someone. Also, I’m a shy person although I’m trying to be more outgoing than I was years ago so it’s not that easy for you to get to know me, the real me. Its easier for me to type things out than saying them out, because sometimes words loses their meaning when you keep repeating them and I don’t want that to happen. Plus, its also fun if I get to know people that probably have the same interests as I do. So, that’s primarily the purpose of this blog.

On top of that, I may also include my thoughts on certain topics such as medical, science, politics etc.. although, these opinions are entirely my own and based on the knowledges I have thus far. I still want to emphasise that I am still learning and changing my perspective as my knowledges expand so if there’s anything worth adding/correcting, it would be awesome if you can share that, nicely of course.

Now, I usually spend time at home surfing the internet. I love to read, I like to be adventurous with my readings so I read books from any category basically. I am also a sucker for good food. I love trying out new delicacies and dishes, you name it. Malaysia is the food hub for food-lovers, so I am lucky on that note. Other than eating, I also love to cook and bake, I have developed these interest after noticing how they significantly calmed me.

I hope that you enjoy my website. If you have questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them. If not, It is okay too if you just say ‘Hi’ to me 🙂

Sharon x




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