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Captured at Tanjung Aru beach, Borneo circa 2014

‘Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark.’

-Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot 1994

This month I went to watch a documentary “A Beautiful Planet”at IMAX with my brother, it costed us RM 15 each which I think wasn’t that bad considering the fact it was in 3D.

This 45 minutes long documentary will take you on a whole new eye-opening adventure with exclusive video footages taken from the ISS to witness the spectacular views of earth from space. It was visually stunning that I teared up on the first 10 minutes into the documentary. Narrated by the Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, I loved how clear and calm her voice was throughout the doc, it made me felt like I was floating in space.

What resonated with me was the thought of all those sacrifices made by the astronauts & scientists committed into lifetime of research to better understand the patterns or phenomenon on earth while also finding ways to cope with being far away from the safety and comfort of our home. Perhaps I am just an emotional person on that sense because I reckon it was probably their biggest life achievement to experience this rare opportunity.

On another note, I was also made aware on the state of climate change happening around the globe especially in Greenland. Global warming causes ice caps across the polar region of the planet to melt rapidly and can have detrimental affect on the lives and physical state of the earth. One horrifying prediction on the rising of sea levels is that lower places of the earth will disappear in the next 20 years or so if things get worse. Hence, it is vital that strong intervention takes place to prevent/prolong the damages caused by global warming.

The most valuable lesson from watching this was I realised that I can only be limited by my own imagination. With that I remain hopeful of our future generations, that we will continuously wonder, create and discover new things beyond us. I would certainly like to be part of that possibility one day.

Before I end this post, I would like to suggest that you take the time each day to not only look down at your feet as you walk through your everyday life but also to look up and marvel at the vast magnificent sky. Smile and think to yourself how lucky we are that through all of these vastness and infinities we somehow found our way here with each other, on this beautiful planet.

Trailer to the documentary:

Be humble & happy Halloween!

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