Keeping up with New Year’s Resolution

I am inspired to write a list of New Year’s resolutions for 2016 after a trip to the city of Kuala Lumpur today. It also reminded me of an essay I wrote during my final year examination in high school. I remember so vividly the title of the essay – “ Share your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions”. At that time, I hardly know the meaning behind the word “resolutions”, to be frank I sort of regretted that I chose this particular title out of all the others provided to me (which I’m more familiar with). Now I reckoned that’s why I held such solid memory about it because my actions at that time all happened at an act of impulse. I do love it when I take certain risks and don’t matter what the consequences will be like, although I don’t do them that often. But it’s better than not taking any I guess. This incident may not be as significant to you, but the final year examination also determines my forecast result for Malaysia’s Secondary School National Examination, not to be mark-savvy but it was a big deal. I was glad the result turned out to be fine and I obtained a few good remarks from my English teacher as well, all good.

So today, I was smiling in the car thinking of that day. My heart was burning with excitement to do something afterwards. It was such a wonderful feeling to have!

Long rides in the car can surely make you contemplate on life.

I make resolutions annually, but I never write them in a list or anything like most people nor do I cling onto and keep up with them constantly. For me, I ensure that my commitment stays in the things that I am passionate about and not exhaust myself at things that I can never accomplish.


Here is a short (there are more, actually) list of my resolutions:

  1. As I moved to west Malaysia recently, I have the chance to travel to all the other states that I’ve never been to before! In other words, travel to never-been-to states in Malaysia.
  2. I really really need to improve on my Chinese. So, I vow to learn some new vocabularies!
  3. Set my reading challenge to 15 books.
  4. Attend my very first concert.
  5. Post more on this blog.
  6. Save money.  
  7. Be more concious about eating and drinking. 
  8. Smile and compliment strangers. 
  9. Do some volunteering work.


To end this, I want to share with you a quote I came across on my dashboard today!


‘ What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?’

– Vincent Van Gogh

And I looked at the world around me as the car drove by – each skyscraper built in the city, the road we drove on, the planes flying across the blue sky, my smartphone…the visionaries before me –the very people who dare to do, to have the faith on that first step without seeing the whole staircase. I salute you.


Batu Ferringhi, Penang 2015

…..I hereby sprinkle upon you countless of strength and courage to get through anything in your life.

Tell me in the comments below what is that one New Year’s resolution that you truly wish to accomplish and what was the one that you are most proud of accomplishing last year?














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