Brief introduction

I should have chosen the 1st of January to start this blog instead, it would have given you the idea/illusion of me being so devoted to be doing this. Truth is, I’ve been wanting to start blogging for quite a while now.

I just lied, its been years since I have the thought of setting one up. In fact, I signed up for WordPress and Blogspot without adding any content to both sites for months. Some times, I just couldn’t fathom my spontaneous actions that never came to a purpose. But hah! Now I can FINALLY tick this one off my annual resolution lists. Kudos for me.

Right, enough with the ya daa ya daa….

I guess like any bloggers, I should tell you a tiny bit about myself so you might get me or not at all.

By the way, Don’t heighten your expectations, I’m no more interesting than that friend you invite for coffee but ended up taking selfies in front of you all day. I still am searching for shirts that has the sentence “Put down your phones people, have some real conversations”. If you have any clue on where to buy it, please share that info with me.

Moving on..

If you are still alive and not half awake or vice versa, here’s a mini biography about me:

On 11th Nov 1996 right when the clock strikes 3 in the wee hours, an over-matured baby girl was born to a Chinese man that married to a Dusun-tribed woman. The delivery location was not as planned because she was supposed to be born in a clinic two hour drive away from her hometown. She ended up at the local hospital, on Deepavali surrounded by midwives and no doctors. It was a bitter sweet moment. But as the baby girl’s mother recalled, her pain was subsided when she saw the baby for the first time. Her eyes were as shiny as the stars in the dark night sky . She fell in love, it’s the kind of love incomparable to any other love – Mother Love. She named the baby girl, “Sharon”, in honour of her favourite actress Sharon Cunita. The baby became a daughter and a sister to 3 other siblings in the family.

Growing up, she was an extremely shy girl and girls like that don’t make friends easily. During her pre-teen years,  She struggles to fit in at school. She felt a strong sense of wanting to be known. She wants to just be some one who people look up to and adore. Every day, she cares about her looks, her talks, her walks but most of all her popularity. Comparing her worth to other girls around her. Popularity is the drug that she depends on to survive each passing day. She thought that’s all there is in this world. She thought wrong.

She moved into a new school, fresh face as a junior in high school.On that first year, many things had happened. She experienced this thing called life. She met new friends. Fell in love at 13. Broke her heart at 14. And then  it was all over again when she moved to another school in another town away from the comfort of her home. At 15, she was on her own. But she likes to be alone. Thats her nature. Only when she’s alone that she felt comfortable, her thoughts are clearer and held much meanings to her. She enjoys observing people, their actions and their facial expressions. She is more of a listener than a speaker.

Her affection towards loneliness intensifies when she continued her tertiary education in United Kingdom on Summer 2014.


Departing from Malaysia en route UK 2014

Then, the proceeding undisclosed moments had the most significant impact on her life. And she was a changed girl.


I realised this biography has surpassed the so called ‘mini’ after all. I guess you can’t really place someone’s life into an introduction like that. I hope that you will take the time to understand a person piece by piece, from the leaves all the way down to their roots. It is a journey a person have to earn their way through. I am glad you made it all this way, thank you for bearing it for the sake of wanting to know more about me. You and your patience deserves a digital pat on that buff shoulder!

I will keep posting, and fingers….&toes crossed I won’t procrastinate too often. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to end this. My mind wanders, again.

It’s 1 am for Nutella’s sake.

Happy New Years.

Til Then.










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